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    Fabio Miretti

    Indeed.. and his exceptional calmness is rare for italian players as well
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    Adrien Rabiot

    He's actually doing OK so far. I think Miretti being the AMC really helped him. Rabiot can be his favourite 'jack of all trades, master of none' midfielder again
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    Moise Kean

    He'll probably score 5-10 goals a season if he plays for a mid table team that play counters.. he's wasting his career staying here
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    Adrien Rabiot

    But Sad truth is we may still get Paredes and lend out both of Fagioli and Rovella.. so you get both Rabiot and Paredes
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    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    Are there any actually good LB available out there in the market? Looks like not too bad an idea to just wait till winter window to see if there will be any opportunities
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    Leandro Paredes - CM/DM - PSG

    Zakaria can only be a tactical player when we want to put more muscle in midfield, he just keep screwing up our build up play even during preseason games Paredes will be useful and a loan + option clears the risk of 'Ramsey/Arthur situation', leaving us budget to strengthen the squad during...
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    Memphis Depay - SS/ST - Barcelona

    Memphis is good, he can play next to DV and also be a decent choice to the CF role We could probably wait until closer to the end of window to get him cheaper thou given Barca is desperate to offload players. Who knows, they may even need to lend out 1/2 ''newly signed' players
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    Filip Kostic - LWB/LM/LW - Eintracht Frankfurt

    or a left-sided Cuadrado. would definitely be a great utility player anyway
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    Denis Zakaria

    He is like momo sissoko today. Shouldn’t be a midfield starter for us if he doesn’t improve on his ball control.
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    Gleison Bremer

    So we overpaid like 5m to screw Inter? Totally worth it :cool:
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    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    indeed. next phase is about selling (Kean, Rugani, Arthur, Rabiot, Sandro...) if we can sell Rugani, then we will get Pau, otherwise it will be Milenkovic or Acerbi.....
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    share price of JUVE IM is up around 25% since market see some expectation of CR7 signing :flag1: Roughly 200m increase in value, investors are already giving you the go ahead DO IT BEPPE!
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    Benedikt Höwedes - D RLC - FC Schalke 04

    Yes, and in that game we used one sub to replace Licht with Barzagli when we want to go more defensive and play 343 With Howedes we can have one more option to just keep him as the RCB and add some fresh leg on the flanks
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    Summer mercato thread 2017-18

    Yea, how would Allegri, who played two wingback on each side+ Mandzu tracking back all the time in CL last season, play two offensive fullbacks (given Sandro as LB) in a back4? I doubt we were even interested in Cancelo unless we play 352
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    Benedikt Höwedes - D RLC - FC Schalke 04

    Great acquisition I think he will be our starting RB this season, and also able to cover multiple positions and give us option to switch to 352 anytime