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    Alessio Secco

    though i guess secco can be fired, he is not No1 to be blamed for todays juve performance and if it is done so, others should be followed.
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    Guus Hiddink - Juventuz Official Poll

    if he landed in malpensa, then how he flew from Amsterdam to Turin? thats strange :snoop:
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    does anyone have a link for the game?
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    Serie A: Inter vs Juventus [March 22 , 2008] Chiellini – 7.5: Owned Ibrahimovic once again. Ha Ha
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    Serie A: Inter vs Juventus [March 22 , 2008]

    and we are first team to beat them this season at san siro FORZA JUVE
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    Serie A: Inter vs Juventus [March 22 , 2008]

    Proud to be JUVENTINA. Inter watch and learn.
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    Serie A: Inter vs Juventus [March 22 , 2008]

    Alex you are GREAT. Ha ha Zlatan, you are where you belong
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    Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    Finally, Juve is back!!! We are the tue champions of Italy Alex U are GREAT!!!
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    Mauro Camoranesi

    probably u r right to some extent, but look at older juve, how many ppl were there who usually got decisions? 1 or 2. so what i imply is that there should be a leader in the team that deals with the decisions, though of course he needs others approval (formal or not so much) and i dont say that...
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    Mauro Camoranesi

    well it is true that history is done by single individuals and not by groups. For that reason the role of the last man of the triad was significant for juve in very difficult period. however once he is gone and the job is in the hands of others we will see if those ones are able to write the...
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    Good news for PESSO

    get well pesso soon. we all love u
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    Which Player's Exit Was Most Dissappointing?

    well watching cana and zambro playing for other teams is very depressing. however i mis tacchi as well.
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    Serie B: Piacenza - Juventus [30/9/06]

    Piacenza is quite solid team and of course they will play with motivation on their home ground against juve, so we should be very consentrated. However given the attitude and form of our players, we should get 3 points. even if it is 0-1 I'm ok with that.
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    Serie B: Crotone - Juventus [19/9/06]

    Has the game begun?
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Livorno

    WE are still on top