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    Davids in Inter

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    Del Piero AND Zlatan?:(

    Yeah Zlatan is one of the best strikers in the world. I think hi'll play all games in this season.
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    [IT] Serie A 2005/06

    I like Fio (after Juve).
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    Official Transfers 2005/06

    Guys don't speak about Zebina bed. He is a good deffender.
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    Del Piero AND Zlatan?:(

    I think the best choice is Mutu - Treze...
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    Adrian Mutu

    Mutu is a good player and he and Treze or Alex Del Piero will play together very good.
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    The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    Yes it will be cool.hen Cassano come to Juve club will win all,becouse such strikers as Cassano are not many in the world.FORZA JUVENTUZZZ
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    Jankulovski to Juve

    BUt Gillardino is good too.You cant say that Gillardino is good then Jankulovski.Jankulovski plays in middle and Gillard is a striker.If jankilovski bad why Milan bought him???:cool:
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    Jankulovski to Juve

    no PPl IMO Jankulovski good player and we need him ...:angel:
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    Jankulovski to Juve

    What do you think will Jankulovsko come to Juve
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    We need .... (general transfer discussion thread)

    I think it will be good that Bojinov,Morientes,Cassano come to JUVEEEE
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    Lecce starlet Bojinov

    I think it will be more good -----BOJINOV----DEL PIERO----- ---NEDVED---EMERSON---BLASI---OLIVIERA--- ---THURAM---CANNAVARO---ZEBINA---ZAMBROTTA---
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    Capello's work

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!Lecce0-1Juventus...IMO that was Capello's work.I think when Capello in Juve,club will be the leader os CALCOA SEIA A & CL...:cheesy::cheesy::cheesy::cheesy::cheesy:
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    The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    IMO Cassano soon will play in JUVE.In winter will be a transver window and Moggi will buy Cassano...:):):):):):):)
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    Fernando Morientes In Juve

    PPL is it thrue that Moro will come to Juve?Today I have read this information in