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  1. What Are Your Top Five Ballstoppers?

    I'm living in my era, and the 1st best goalie I know on tv is the argentinian, Sergio Goycochea (sorry about the spelling).
  2. What Are Your Top Five Ballstoppers?

    Chilavert is good, but Rodrigo Ceni is better.
  3. What Are Your Top Five Ballstoppers?

    Peter Schemeichel Gianluigi Buffon Vitor Baia Pepe Reina Petr Cech
  4. Real Confirm Saviola Deal

  5. Fernando Torres to Liverpool

    The probability of Sissoko being the bench warmer is just in your imagination. Rafa has got brain. I believe that he has more thought than you to choose his line up next season. Yes, with Babel joins us, we'll have a lot of choices in midfield :cool:
  6. The AFC Asian 2007 Cup

    Not with that kind of sitty performance.
  7. The AFC Asian 2007 Cup

    Iraq 3-1 Aussie :cry:
  8. Fernando Torres to Liverpool

    What about the classic 4-4-2: Reina Carragher-Agger-Finnan-Heinze Gerrard-Lucas Leiva-Xabi-Riise Crouch-Torres I should have say that Steve Finnan could stay on the center (backline), or maybe Rafa has another chance to get another central defender.
  9. Fernando Torres to Liverpool

  10. The AFC Asian 2007 Cup

    Yes, some good efforts from Thai's gk too. All square, not bad at all.
  11. Carlos Tevez to Man Utd?

    Damn right :agree:
  12. The AFC Asian 2007 Cup

    Thanks mate :)
  13. Fernando Torres to Liverpool

    90.000 euros a week for El Nino will be worth it
  14. -what are u currently listenin to?-

    Radiohead-Creep Korn (unplugged)-Creep :cool:
  15. The AFC Asian 2007 Cup

    Sorry, I'm an australian, so I don't know about him.