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  1. [CL] JUVENTUS 2-2 Bayern [23rd February, 2016]

    Hey guys and girls... I've not been posting for a while! LOL... That lousy performance against Bologna could be a gift ahead of Bayern game cause I think the team will be more alert given the fact that Bayern game is much more important... - - - Updated - - - And I'm gonna watch the game in a...
  2. Rio de Janeiro fellow travellers

    Planned to get there during the big games but I've just could book my airline. Little worried cause I've not get any hotel during my stay so far... I'm afraid I'll end up with a bag-pack in the streets of Rio... Anyone here has a same plan to get to Rio during world cup?
  3. 'what are you currently listening to' Part 2

    alicia, no one
  4. Books you're reading

    I've just started the eleven minutes. Looks like being impressive.
  5. Movie Talk (New Films, Old Films... doesn't matter)

    RED is the latest movie I watched. Amusing indeed. Recommended for bruce willis fans.
  6. IT Crowds - the best comedy TV show ever!

    It depends on your taste... on the other hand you should be computer guy to get the feeling of Roy or Moss...
  7. Russian Investment?

    Sounds horrible.
  8. Serie A : Juventus vs Milan [April 12th, 2008]

    I hope we get over this tough game.
  9. Serie A: Palermo vs Juventus [April 6th, 2008]

    Yeah. I'm gonna make the second shot of whiskey. today's special night.
  10. Juventuz Bar Thread

    3-2 lost the game. This night also I should get drunk...
  11. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    3-2 bah bah bah bah don't worry. they were excited by the captain!
  12. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    The game is not over yet. They must leave the game with 3 points.
  13. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    Modefff. Brilliant. DP the sole saviour!
  14. On this day in history...

    Wow Attelio Lombardo .... I totally missed those days... Sony shirt! It was a pure honesty and loyalty between guys...