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    maybe that pic is in GIF format
  2. Zoro

    poor guy
  3. Your Favorite Football game of all times

    Czech Republic 4-3 Finland almost had a heart attack.
  4. [Serie A] Juventus vs Treviso

    finally, a chance for Mutu to play :weee:
  5. Who will do most goals at World cup 2006?

    Milan Baros if Czech Republic makes it through if not, its Peter Crouch.
  6. Stephen Pienaar available on a free!!!

    he's such a great young player...a loss for Ajax
  7. [Serie A] AS Roma vs Juventus

    forza fiorentina
  8. Ruud van Nistelrooy is a son of a biatch

    thats so true...even though i'm a man u fan,i hate van nistelrooy
  9. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    you gotta believe chelsea is my prediction this season: any club would win the premiership execpt chelsea
  10. The ManU storm...

    Fergie contracts expires the end of next season i think
  11. Roberto Carlos compilations -Wanted-

    I have one.Its a commercial but its still a freekick
  12. Pick your Nationality!

    1970 Hong Kong