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  1. It's 5028!

    you are Lazy for real :D
  2. Happy Ramadhan

    they also belive (the whole Islam world) that all chrisitians are "kafir",because we think Jesus is God.
  3. It's 5028!

  4. It's 5028!

    Did you copy and paste some of these,cuz I remember I read this before.I could be wrong thou :undecide:
  5. Nick Against the World

    I tought you and Lou were in the same gang
  6. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    Jeeks,no? he is a nice guy thou :P
  7. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    Zebina isn't recovered yet?I tought he was called for France national I missing something here?:confused:
  8. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    I think I can guess who's the guy :D
  9. Maldini makes Serie A History

    I know,am sure he even didn't believed that
  10. CL: Juventus - Rapid (Goals)

    no not really,we better cut this,people might get annoyed :) you can PM anytime you want ;)
  11. CL: Juventus - Rapid (Goals)

  12. Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

  13. CL: Juventus - Rapid (Goals)

    yes I am,born in haleb,and live in beirut now
  14. CL: Juventus - Rapid (Goals)

    you really like Triestina and Atalanta?:D