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    Eljero Elia

    Actually, Elia now is very much like Robben when he was still at PSV. Although both are considered wingers, they really can't cross that well. At some point Robben learned to come inside and shoot, which made him much more dangerous. Elia on the other hand has no end product, although he's a...
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    Fabio Quagliarella

    Hey, I was here first :) Actually it surprises me that there are Dutch people following Serie A, considering our media's ultra-negative image of Italian football.
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    Fabio Quagliarella

    Hoori! :)
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    Fabio Quagliarella

    He can also play on the left in a 4-3-3. I think that's where he originally played with Udinese, and I rate him much higher than our three left wingers.
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    What would you think of Juventus being sold?

    Fair point. Currently Juventus is the 8th richest club in the world (source: Deloitte) so it's not like we're desperate for cash, but spending it all on Grosso's wages and buying 7 central midfielders in 5 years probably isn't the best way to run a club.
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    What would you think of Juventus being sold?

    I hope you are aware that the general consensus is that Russian billionaire and Sheikh owners are destroying football? The Agnelli's have done a lot more for Juventus than just putting in money. A club's identity comes from tradition, but has to be enforced by the current owners. Selling the...
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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    You honestly think that will help? Deschamps, Ranieri, Ferrara, and Zaccheroni were all fired or left within two years. The traditional strong points of Juventus were stability and consistency, getting a new coach who will again change everything won't help. Del Neri is not a great coach, but I...
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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    That's very similar to what happened to Diego actually.
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    Eljero "I never said those things" Elia - Hamburg - Winger

    Not all of us rate him that highly :) At the moment his only good points are pace and dribbling. He can't cross, pass or finish that well, and tactically he is weak. However, most Dutch wingers who were brought up with 4-3-3 suffer from this problem, especially if they move to teams where...
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    Davide Lanzafame

    At least Del Neri made him look less like a chav :)
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    Momo Sissoko

    He was great in the world cup, but for some reason Udinese's talents tend to blow up when they move to another club.
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    Simone Pepe

    Yeah, it will be interesting to see him play full back. I don't rate Pepe too highly, but he is a far better player than Grygera, De Ceglie, and Motta.
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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    The motivation of Italian teams in the Europa League also seems to be nonexistent, everyone is resting their best players and losing to poor teams as a result.
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    Felipe Melo

    Not really a surprise. Would you expect something like this: