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    Gianluigi Buffon

    Buffon is simply the best goalkeeper in the world...and my favourite Juve player. If he stays then I will be over the moon. Plus, if Gigi stays then some of the others may decide to stay as well. Then all we need is to get the 30 points reduced and hopefully we'll be back in Serie A...
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    Gazzetta Dello Sport: Trezeguet to Inter!!

    Why would he go to Inter anyway? Inter have been drawn into this whole refereeing scandal as well now, I love the fact Mancini was saying how all their points were 'clean', maybe you spoke too soon Roberto!
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    Juve vs Werder

    Try these links: Werder Goal: Trez: Puma:
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    Camoranesi likely to leave

    At least then Seedorf won't be able to score against Juve - as he always seems to! I hate him for it.
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    Camoranesi likely to leave

    I've got to disagree with this, I think Camo has been absolutely great this season - as he was last season. I can't think of too many right wingers who are better than him - I would rate him as highly as a lot of the others mentioned. If he went I would be gutted.
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    We need a new centre back any suggestions?

    Why is Thuram not up to it? Up until the Milan game we had conceded 2 in 9 Serie A games, one game doesn't mean he isn't up to the job. But yes, we will need a replacement soon as he is getting old. But I don't agree that he isn't up to it anymore.
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    [Serie A] Milan-Juventus

    Nesta is playing according to channel4. What about Vieira? Last week they said he might not be ready for this game, he is in the squad according to websites, but is he 100% fit? Oh, and I would also bet that Shevchenko will play from the start tonight.
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    Udinese - Juventus: 0-1 goal by Viera

    Thanks Marty, very quick!
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    Brugge vs Juve

    Thanks! That was quick.
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    The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    There have been a few captains between Baggio and DP you know. Vialli, Conte to name a couple. I know they are Italian too, but Juve isn't just about Baggio and DP.
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    The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    I agree.
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    The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    Juve has a knack of getting the very best out of players - if we do get Cassano, I think we will see a more mature, and a much better player than he has been at Roma. I think we just have to trust Moggi and Capello on this one. There were a few people who questioned Zlatan when he...
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    The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    What we have to remember is, if we do end up getting Cassano - and we keep Mutu (say swap Miccoli instead), I doubt Mutu will get that much playing time anyway. I would much prefer to get rid of Miccoli anyday, but I think if Cassano does come, the main 3 strikers will be Cassano, Zlatan and...
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    Ancelotti opens door to Del Piero

    DP would get just as little playing time at Milan as he does at Juve - this move would not benefit him in any way. So I don't think it would happen.
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    Anyone gone from uk to turin for a game?

    I've been and seen Juve a couple of times, and am planning another trip this season. I usually fly Ryanair from Stansted to Turin, you can get flights very cheap, they usually cost around £40 return, just check out their site for prices. Last time I went I stayed in a small hotel in Turin...