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  1. Top 10 International Teams

  2. When They Were Young....

  3. Guess Who's Back?!

    Marketing?! Is it difficult? Hmmm...I don't know...Can I trust The Alkoholik? And thanks for those who congratulated me last!
  4. Guess Who's Back?!

    No, not Ahmed, but Mohammad after our beloved Prophet Peace be Upon Him... :) No, not you or is someone else...and I do remember who...:eyebrows:
  5. Guess Who's Back?!

    Thank you all guys for all the welcoming and warm feelings...:touched: And here's another hi to those who are newbies......nice to meet you... Oh no...I mean the ONE AND ONLY...:P Om MIDO...:) please...:embarasse Yeah Thankz Rami...I already know that...but I think I asked...
  6. Guess Who's Back?!

    Thankx Azzurri7 and Jeeks!!!!! :confused2
  7. Ramadhan Mubarik!

    That's what Zakah and Sadaqah for! :agree: BTW, Ramadan Mubarak...
  8. Guess Who's Back?!

    Hi everybody, Guess who's back? Back again [email protected]@h is back:cool: Yes I AM BACK!!!! How are you people? How's life? It's been a WHOLE year!!! I got married, and have a baby, he is my little angel, and I am in the middle of my MA study,which goes soooooo unpleasantly...
  9. It's Time To Say Good-bye

    They have been two great years since I joined However, there must be a day we say goodbye to all of our good friends. Things change, and life changes as well. June 22nd is just a couple of days away, and sadly, I'll be moving away. :down: I'll start my MA next semester. So, I...
  10. birthday boy, 3rd time

    Congrats....dear Ol' friend.... :)
  11. when the pain begins....

    My heart is with you dear Lillie... But don't worry. Everything will be just fine...Just calm down and relax. Maybe, it'd make you feel better if I tell you that my mother had it once, and she did the surgery and she's all right now... And don't be afraid of the "SURGERY". The word is...
  12. 3500 ?

  13. Players and Families and Girlfriends

    Look at our new star... :eek: :groan:
  14. Cassano ??? NO THANK YOU !!!!!

    Cassano??? NO THANK YOU!!!!! Cassano is good, but can never be a juventino...
  15. Post That Picture 3.0

    I just want to share this piccy... Any comment....:rolleyes: