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  1. Managers do not win you games but they can lose it for you

    Wrong, signed by Ranieri in January transfer window if 03/04, along with Petr Cech, but came to the club at the end of the season as terms of the transfer, and never played under Ranieri.
  2. Best Players of the World Cup

    Lucas Neill.
  3. Kalou, Shevcenko and ballack all too chelsea Chelsea complete Shevchenko deal Chelsea have completed the signing of striker Andriy Shevchenko from AC Milan for a fee of around £30m. The 29-year-old signed a four-year contract on Wednesday after agreeing personal...
  4. Inter hot on Henry's heels

    They were hardly kids come that CL win.
  5. The importance of a coach.

    I think its all about cohesion. I believe there are perfect matches like, the right coach for the right player (ie Rijkaard and Ronaldinho just works, Ronaldinho wasnt always playing that well week in week out, but they just click) and Mourinho and Terry, Lampard or someone from FC Porto, etc.
  6. What Happened To Manchester United

    Mourinho happened.
  7. [EU] Champions League 05/06

    Yes, our (Cheslea) favour.
  8. [EU] Champions League 05/06

    Absence of Xavi will work in our favour.
  9. Gallas to Juve? !!

    Mourinho is that confidient of Gallas staying he was willing to bet his entire yearly wage with a journo :)
  10. Jose Mourinhos Chelsea Briefing of Newcastle United - Leaked

    Yea, he speaks 6 languages fluently.
  11. Jose Mourinhos Chelsea Briefing of Newcastle United - Leaked

    Hey. Some of you may know, that the special ones pre-match preparation is intensive, here is a snippet of it, a leaked copy of one against Newcastle, be it in early stages as it has some areas as is prepared assumed Owen and Shearer played, which they didn’t. Interesting read...
  12. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    Yea, amazing to think also he has only ever missed 1 league game with us at Chelsea since moving from West Ham in 2001, that was in Sep 2001 when he was suspended for a game against Fulham which we drew 1-1.
  13. [EU] Champions League 05/06

    Wouldnt surprise me. You know we havent won away in the CL in over 12months?
  14. [EN] Premier League 2005/06 HE IS THE SPECIAL ONE!
  15. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    Top of the League, What a Blip