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  1. Tuz Meet Up In Berlin

    I'm not sure if they will have TV or not, but definitely in encourage anyone to show up there and see whats going on. The guy running the page Around Juventus is from Turin, speaks english and is very helpful and nice.
  2. Tuz Meet Up In Berlin
  3. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    I wouldn't jump buying on viagogo before trying to get it first via listicket.
  4. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    You shouldn't have any problem buying them on general sale, but as a precaucion i would still advise to get them immediately once general sale is open. Also be aware that 1 person can buy maximum of 4 tickets, so you will need another one to buy for the rest of your gang.
  5. The Financial Situation

    Official financial results for 2013/14 season:
  6. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    Where have you sent them from? Do you have tracking number? You won't be able to sort them before the Torino game, as it will take few more weeks to receive the premium card at your end.
  7. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    My best advice for you is to join a Juventus DOC club in order to secure yourself a ticket before the general sale is open. The membership costs only 27EUR for a year, and you can buy tickets for away matches too. I'm leaving tomorrow in Athens for the Olympiakos game. Note that with the...
  8. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    You need tessera del tifoso card in order to buy from viagogo. Your best option is to wait General Sale to open and buy ticket then, provided there is availability
  9. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    No, but you can from
  10. Ticket help for Juventus v Olympiacos Nov 4th 2014.

    You can buy your ticket now on and have it delivered to your residence in UK, but this is more expensive option. If i was on your place, i would rather wait for general sale to open and buy it on It shouldn't be a sold out match, just make sure to take your ID...
  11. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    If you want to buy tickets in away section, your only option at the moment will be Last year i was at San Siro for the Milan - Napoli game and pretty much all sections of the stadium were mixed with Napoli and Milan fans with the exception of the Milan Ultras and away section...
  12. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    I didn't had this problem, it might be related to your browser/os. Try right click "Save as" and download it on your computer. Once you download it, rename the file so that it has extension .pdf then you should be able to open and print the file.
  13. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    My country is outside European union and i left that field blank. If you are within EU you should put your tax file number.
  14. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    Be more specific which game you want to see, is it one off or you plan on going again? For away matches, you can't buy tickets in the away section (Juve fans) of the stadium, you need to become member of official Juventus DOC club. If it's low tier Seria A games at Juventus stadium, you should...
  15. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    I guess it will be first time for you going to Turin and that's why you are precocious for everything, which is normal. Before going to Turin, i suggest you take your time and decide which match you want to see. Make sure that particular match date and time is confirmed before booking any plane...