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    Euro 2004

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    The World's Best Starting XI.

    heloooo.. my la liga team -----------------Cassilas ---------Puyol---Ayala---Del Horno(i like his name....:devil: ) --Joaquin-----Roman---Xavi--Vicente -------------------Ronaldinho ---------------------Torres
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    shame he's spainish.

    Everyone says spanish players can't play in Italy...but how much of those spanish players were central defenders? plus even if he doesnt do well, its good enough that arsenal don't get him, eventho it's gonna be hard to persuade him not to join arsenal.
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    Sneijder will start. Trabelsi will probably never play for Ajax again, who knows. I would like to see sneijder play instead of Mitea. he's only 7 mil in CL Fantasy Futbal
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    Season ticket sales looking bad, again...

    _Emerson, season tickets generate alot of money for the club. so we can either sit in turin and rot, or move to another place where juve will be more appreciated and make more money.
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    Del Piero

    i hate the way he dresses up when he plays...wassap with the ultra high pants and the tuck-in? :wth:
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    The Premiership... with a twist...

    look for premiership...
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    The Premiership... with a twist... look around....
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    Tricky dilemma... please help me!

    Prolly too late but wtf. Blackmint, don't do anything. If he was your best friend he has to have a certain level of intelligence and will eventually will find out about his phony. If you try to meddle with things (this is from experience...alot of experience) you will 1) be hated by both...
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    Argentine Sensation linked

    I've seen Mascherano before the copa. good buy imo. much better than tacchi. but he wont adapt and will be loaned til he's sick of it and join some club like Villareal and prosper there. and if he does adapt, he's never gonna be picked regularly over tacchi IMO
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    Del Piero taking drugs?

    aiy, sorry matey. ur a mod now?! :groan: cheerss
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    Plastic surgery: YAY or NAY?

    Yay. i wouldnt mind changing my face to gray's or zlatan