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  1. American NFL Football

    how about my 49ers??? feels good to watch NFL football again after many fucking years!!!!
  2. [Serie A] Inter 1-2 JUVENTUS [October 6th, 2019]

    im starting to believe this Juve will continue to be hungry for years to come. Mainly because Italy doesn't give this team the credit it has earned the past decade.
  3. Claudio Marchisio

    This is like having your guts ripped out. Fucking Legend who should still be with us.
  4. Maurizio Sarri

    great article on the man
  5. Maurizio Sarri

    fucking lazy. smh. 1567040267 Damn, so they finally found an explanation this year. But why did it take so long to finally get this explanation? ahh well. whatever. haha.
  6. Maurizio Sarri

    isnt that the area where disembodied feet in shoes wash up ashore? and authorities have no explanation as to where they're coming from?
  7. Serie A 2019/20

    :lol: 1566574516 All ive done is call him a great player(debatable) and a scary attacker(also debatable). But okay. :lol:
  8. Serie A 2019/20

    fair enough friend. :lol:
  9. Serie A 2019/20

    maybe reread my post and realize I never compared the two. Just pointed out a similarity. I forgot that fan forums fail to be objective. lmao. sorry guys. Didn't mean to rustle anyones jimmies. 1566568658 I think its hilarious how we had many decent conversations before I had Tekashi as my...
  10. Serie A 2019/20

    And what was one of the things Del Piero was known for? lol. Come off it. Del Piero is my favorite player ever btw so im not even taking shots at him, just calling out some (assumed)hypocrisy around here.
  11. Neymar - Forward - PSG

    well who else do you have in mind?
  12. Serie A 2019/20

    yeah that Del Piero was a dick. lol.
  13. Neymar - Forward - PSG

    If we signed Neymar we would be clear CL favorites no doubt. He is the only player I'd be willing to let Dybi go for.
  14. Serie A 2019/20

    Napoli signed a great player in Chucky Lozano today. Scary explosive attacker.