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    Are we too poor for the Goretzkas and SMSs of the world?
    Lo stile Juve

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    You know the answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wittl View Post
    It's like @Kyle wishing a 7,62x51mm-SCAR-H for christmas and getting a handsoap instead.
    Why would I wish for something that I already own?
    Quote Originally Posted by DAiDEViL View Post
    It's handsoap though. So we can assume the intention behind this gift wasn't to get @Kyle to take a bath, you don't bath in handsoap after all.
    Mexicans like ILFJ do I guess

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    Just give me two of the three: Can, Torreria, Fabinho

    SMS would also be acceptable but we don't enter bidding wars so not happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pitbull View Post
    I disagree, I think he still has immense potential that can be unlocked by a good coach, he has everything necessary to be a great DM. Of course it's a gamble, because he hasn't been living up to expectations at Inter, but then again we can't afford to buy 6 guaranteed quality CMs.
    This is exactly the problem I dont think he ever had that potential to begin with..
    I never saw him as such a great player..
    He is a defensive minded player and not even a kind that can exist in today`s football - He is the type that is no longer relevant to the world of football (except for mid table clubs and below)
    Matuidi is a defensive minded player that can fit in today`s football
    Kante is a defensive minded player that can fit in today`s football

    Why Matuidi and Kante and why not Kondogbia?! Easy!
    Matuidi and Kante are both players that run all over the pitch (not commenting about their quality and strength) but they cover a lot of ground while adapting into the modern game play style
    Kondogbia is just too static! (I admit I havent seen him in Valencia so unless those things changed he just cant fit here) He is a bit slow IIRC, he is static, his passing ability is ok at best, his only strength is actually his strength...
    To me Kondogbia is like a limited type of Melo - a slower less mobile with Melo having better passing skills..

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