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Thread: New logo

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    I'm starting to like it in this setting now, it's basically $#@! YOU, JUVENTUS COMING THROUGH on every league page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JuveJay View Post
    I'm starting to like it in this setting now, it's basically $#@! YOU, JUVENTUS COMING THROUGH on every league page.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wittl View Post
    WTF did they expect? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wittl View Post
    Hahaha i saw the news early today on tv aswell and was about to post somewhere about it. Nice to see Juventus finally took some measures regarding them as they really were staining the name... they barelly have any fans this days tbh as is/was an irrelevant club past ~50 years playing mostly in the lower tiers, this season tho they promoted to first league in Romania but they about to go back down because they play like crap and are controlled by a very $#@! management.

    In other news, coming from a native Bucharest lad as i am i can tell you whats the real myth around here regarding this ‘FC Juventus Colentina’ team, story has it that the club itself is older than 80+ years under the name FC Colentina (Colentina is the name of the neighborhood in Bucharest where they from) and somewhere down the history line, some ~40years ago the team was renamed to ‘Juventus Colentina’ as a sign of respect and admiration towards the Old Lady of Italy aka Juventus Turin, so they went on with that name ever since.(in 1992 it was again registered officially as a pro club but it existed long before that in different versions of itself ever sincer the world-war times)

    So long story short, a while ago the owners of this club apparently were Juventus fans and they renamed the club that they owned after Juve. The team itself does has some history but is fair to say Juventus Turin won’t agree with them using their name mostly due copyright/marketing purposes. Some other gospel out here says that they had an agreement with Juventus to be some sort of satellite team for them back in the day but there is no proof to that and probably the most important factor would be the fact the team has switched ownership a couple of times down the years due to bankruptcy, so this would also mean that the current ownership has nothing related to the previous one that renamed the club,assuming they had some sort of agreement back in the day, tho i seriously doubt that is the case.

    Anyway the history is pretty vague and there are many versions, one thing is for certain that the team was named like that due to admiration for Juventus.
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