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    26 July, Juventus legends came to life

    26 July has certainly left a mark in the Bianconeri’s history. On this day, even if in different years, three Juventus champions who entered all fans’ hearts were born.
    At the very beginning of the last century, in 1901, one of the first top champions who bind their name to our club came to life in Casale Monferrato: Umberto Caligaris. Along with Combi and Rosetta, he formed an indissoluble ‘trio’ which gave a strong contribution to the wins of the great team of the ‘Quinquennio’.
    In 1966, instead, an absolute key player of the Lippi’s first spell at Juve was born. Today, Angelo Di Livio turns 46 years old.
    Five years later, in 1971, Andrea Fortunato was born. Unfortunately, he passed away too early, when he was 23 years old, leaving his dear memory in our hearts.
    On this special day, we send out best wishes to our ‘Soldatino’ Angelo Di Livio from Juventus and all our supporters, while also remembering Umberto Caligaris and Andrea Fortunato, whose names will belong to the Bianconeri’s history forever.

    Source: Juventus.com

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