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Feb 18, 2001
Originally posted by denco:

Thanx Anna, but doesn't it set these ppl up for contoversy, if its seen that Milan are getting preferential treatment.It just seems silly that in a league where cotroversy is rife and ppl are always accusing eachother, the president is also the transfer guru for a leading contender to the scudetto. What happens if a refereeing decision goes against his club what will he do?

I wouldn't worry about that. If he did something that was obviously wrong to the whole world to see he would be sacked in a second IMO. Besides, because he is a vice president at Milan (probably) every reporter will watch his moves :D

There where several meetings where the Lega Calcio tried to elect a new president. Finally they agreed on two candidates, Galliani and Matarrese (I think that was the name). It took them 4 or 5 rounds before they managed to agree on one of them, so so much for Galliani being popular :rolleyes: It's still better than Sensi, who hates clubs from the north. He was actually running for the post, but dropped out on the way. :LOL:

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