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    - since a couple of days, you can buy tickets online for budapest public transport:
    - their system is full of security leaks and vulnerabilities, for instance there's no need to confirm your e-mail address
    - if you're a bit into i.t., you can also buy a ticket for whatever price you want yes, you can buy a monthly ticket (normal price: ~30-35€) for 0,01€ if you want
    - an 18-year-old ethical hacker demonstrated it, he described the vulnerabilities, bought a monthly ticket for 50 ft (1€=310ft) and sent the results to the company
    - hungarian police went to his home in the middle of last night, took the poor guy into custody and escorted him to the police station
    - the system is still not fixed. it was developed using public money btw.

    the state of my homeland

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven View Post
    I hate feminazis, but you got to admit there are more cases of men setting women on fire than the other way around..

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    And that's an understatement. There are far more cases of men doing pretty much anything and everything evil a human being is capable of than the other way around.

    What PI posted is not funny of course, the funny reaction that it elicits is because of the sudden change of heart and using piss to stop the fire. The real funny thing here is those who find this funny or have a funny reaction to it are in fact men. Much like when a man is beaten by a woman those who laugh and ridicule the victim are men, cause there is so much contempt and weakness in being beaten by a woman.

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    More "youths" no doubt.
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