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Aug 21, 2010
My favorite scudetto is always gonna be the next one, Fino alla fine...
My vote goes to 2002, still remember all the trolling the next day at school... I had classmates who supported merda, Milan, Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina(though that dude jumped ship to ManUtd after Fio`s bankruptcy :lol::lol::sergio: ) ... Serie A was top, top, top!


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Jul 26, 2007
2012 hands down. Wish we had won with Pavel, Trez and Camo still around, we had a shot in Ranieri's 2nd season imo, but our defense was just too horrible. Glad that at least Del Piero got to lift that damned trophy before retiring.


Mar 29, 2006
Im torn between 2002 and 2012. The one I was fascinated with was 2002. When you study the manner in how we won it and also how fiercely the league was contested, then it brought a lot of satisfaction but on the other hand 2012 meant a lot after the whole farsopoli. 2012 is what brought us back from the dead. The hurt, the injustice and the year of taking prozac was dampened. Actually the more I think of it, 2012 it is. It took us a little while to get our feet back in serie A and there were no guarantees we would win it any time soon and then bang, we win it. The 5 scudettos that followed have nothing on the first. 2012 will always be remembered as the year of renainsance, resurgence, resurrection and more aptly, reJuvenation.


In bocca al lupo, Fabio.
Jun 25, 2003
From a rational point of view I should say 2012, because that's when we were back on top.

But 2002 was just so sweet I'm going to choose that one.

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