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Apr 22, 2003
Hey guys, I was just wondering what you guys think of this:

You know how there's some players that, when people mention them playing for a certain club, you can't even remember? I just wanted to know which players you guys think qualify... I'm not talking about when the players were like 17 years old and played for a Serie C2 club...

I guess I wouldn't know, and it'll be different for everyone, because I haven't been following football longer than...8 years, so i was hopin u guys could help out...

Davor Suker - Arsenal


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Apr 22, 2003
Emile Heskey - Leicester City
Rivaldo - Deportivo La Coruna
Pierre van Hoojidonk - Nottingham Forest
Nicolas Anelka - Real Madrid
Clarence Seedorf - Real Madrid


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Apr 21, 2003
Thought I'd put some of our current and ex-players who played with smaller or rival teams :D

Lombardo - Crystal Palace, Sampdoria
Padovano - Crystal Palace, Torino
Pessotto - Torino
Birindelli - Empoli
Montero - Atalanta
Ferrara - Napoli
Iuliano - Salernitana
Fresi - Inter, Bologna, Salernitana
Zambrotta - Bari
Amoruso - Padova
Vieri - Atalanta


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Nov 16, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Rickenbacker2 ] ++

Now that I didn't know, when?
Back in the eighties when DIF was in the second division, Teddy helped them reach Allsvenskan. Teddy has said that it was his first "title" so he was really happy about his time here.


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Jan 12, 2002
Perrotta - Juve
De Sanctis - Juve
Maresca - West Brom. Albion (loan)
Gattuso - Rangers
Montella - Samp
Cassano - Bari
Materazzi - Everton

Kallon used to play in the Middle East for a Lebanese Club before moving to Italy and playing for Bologna, Cagliari, Reggina, Vicenza and then Inter.

C. Zanetti played for Roma for two seaons and helped them win the scudetto in 2001 before moving back to Inter.

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