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May 17, 2019
Too many mistakes for my liking. Lloris I mean.
I'd say Oblak is the only one who's relatively free from mistakes from what I've seen. all of de Gea, Courtois, Ter Stegen, Alisson in the past few years have their share of silly goals let in. hard to say about Ederson, I've hardly watched City or Brazil at all.

out of interest, tried to youtube Oblak mistakes and first page has more FM/FIFA Oblak mistakes than real life lol. I guess this ones the only significant one when Pato was still playing in Europe



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Dec 31, 2002
I think there's only a few goalkeepers in the world better than him.

Ter Stegen
De Gea

That's it really.

Courtois and Ederson are on his level.
I hear rumors of Donnarumma - Should he avoid making too many howlers I`d say he would be brilliant but he just makes too many of them..

Oblak is the current best GK
De Gea for free - sure..

Fab Fragment

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Dec 22, 2018
Will he give the number 1 back to Buffon?

Obviously Szczesny should remain the top choice but he should give Buffon the number 1 in my opinion.

As much as I like Buffon, no Szczesny should retain the number 1 jersey. No sentiment. No one is bigger than the club. Buffon should know this better than anyone else; Buffon is on borrowed time anyway (as a GK).

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