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Who do you want as the vice-Morata?

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Jul 27, 2015
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Who would you like as 4th striker?
The last winter mercatto buy that i remember actually turning out usefull short term i think was Sturaro way back then.... i really could not care less who we bring as it usually turns out to be an underwhelming transfer, altough this time ironically we might actually do ourself some good and bring someone reliable if we really want to challenge on all fronts by the end of the season, but how likely is that really?

But to answear your direct question , from the options presented so far i would've perhaps chosen Quaqliarella as the best short term and as an alternative maybe this Scamacca kid as he at least might have some potential and resale value afterwards. Milik could have been the better option for cheap but Napoli won't let him go that easy so we are kind of restrained to only a few options because Quaqs said he won't leave either.

So yeah, personally that's why i choose to not stress too much about it as some new names might come up at any point so who knows, time will tell.
Jun 16, 2020
Juventus al lavoro sul mercato per il futuro. Vicino Yusuf Demir, attaccante classe 2003. Si tratta per un triennale più due di opzione. Parti al lavoro per chiudere. La Juve si muove su un attaccante importante per il futuro, che era stato richiesto anche da altre squadre tra cui Salisburgo e Real Madrid. Affare complessivo da 10 milioni di euro inclusi i bonus. Trattativa in corso, possibile accelerata nelle prossime ore. Già domani può essere una giornata importante per la fumata bianca - TMW

So it looks like that we signed this guy for 10m including bonus

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