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Who do you want as the vice-Morata?

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Jun 16, 2020
Meh, we've got enough of young and talented CBs.
Chiellini will probably retire, so we could use a replacement.

Latest rumors were saying that Alaba didn’t lower his demands yet. He remains my first choice, but not for that money. Selling Sandro and getting Alaba for a acceptable salary, and adding a young CD in Chiellini’s place would be good business.


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Aug 27, 2010
not buying Locatelli seems to be the biggest mistake this mercato, should have got him instead of Arthur probably, but who would buy Pjanic then? Hopefully we can get him and some LWB in Winter.


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Jun 23, 2011
Yeah to much injured, but nice player to watch.

There isn’t much at Barcelona that I’d want (realistically seen, we ain’t getting De Jong).

We should find a new club for money laundering business. Barca is finito.
Yeah, would have been sweet though if De Jong, Pedro, and Fati was reachable. Langlet isn't really what we need but he looks good too although injury prone. Like the rest of Barca, kind of. Small squad, aging squad until Pedro and Fati stepped in, and injury prone squad. Strange how poorly managed it has been the past years. How about Puig and Moriba? Never seen them play as far as I can remember.
Jun 16, 2020
Rovella bought and probably stays at Genoa then. Locatelli is player for now, we should get both.
Rovella, Locatelli, Alaba for free with a nice tax evasion contract, after that sign Zaniolo for a low price.

Ramsey, Berna, Chiellini (retires) and all the players that already are away on loan out.

And Khedira raus of course
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