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Jul 15, 2002
The Emre Can thing I can understand. He is the type of player that needs to feel loved and fully supported and maybe, just maybe....he could repay you. But to me, he is never going to be trully world class and he is being difficult. So its an easy decision. Our midfield, particularly under Sarri needs more technical midfielders and Can is less technical than Matuidi.

What the midfield really needs is someone with the work rate of a Matuidi (preferably a younger version) with much better technical ability. To me that would be the biggest difference. I personally believe that Bentancur is so close to becoming truly world class or us.

Lets not talk about Pogba until we know that ankle problem he has is only a temporary problem and not a recurring one that affects his career.


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Apr 25, 2013
I never thought he was a realistic possibility this winter. If we didn’t sign Ramsey in the summer, maybe. Eriksen is just a better and far more durable Ramsey, but we can’t afford to have them both in the squad. Especially with all the other CMs and players who can play CAM (Berna, Costa, Dybala) that we have.

Annoying that Inter got him, and it’s a great move by Beppe, but due to sheer numbers and backlog in the mid, I can’t really be upset about us not going in for him right now. If he had lasted until summer when it’s easier to sell a couple of our surplus players and left on a bosman, different story.
Wow I'm surprised, this time only a month late. Perfect reply/reasoning :tup:

30m for Can...another point for @badass_dybala
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