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Aug 26, 2014
My only concern with not getting free players is 2 things
1. Who will we bring in to make the team better with the same money
2. We dont know if the player will flop or not and the risk is much lower for free.

A few examples
1. Costa-40 mil-Good player and was for it at the time but has been injured. He is on high wages and also transfer fee. Hasnt made a huge impact
Berna-Same type situation
Matuidi-20 mil and somewhat high wages

Free players-Ramsey and Rabiot- Good players with high potential both on high wages but free- Both could break into our starting 11. Are they world beaters? Absolutely not
Khedira-Free-brought us good performances on the field but not a world beater by any stretch and is now past it

Pirlo,Coman,Pogba,Llorente,Alves,Barza were all good-incredible freebies

Im not so sure the freebie purchase is our issue but where we spend the big money and why. Lets say we had 75-80 to spend. Its tough to think of 3 players to bring in that have the potential impact of Ramsey,Rabiot and MDL. All are young and if 1 of them turns our great,one rotational and the other we cut for free its worth it because there isnt much money tied up. We bitch about Can and act like if we didnt get him we would have gotten some great player in his place. Thats laughable
I get what you are saying but can you name me 2 players that are better than Eriksen in his position right now?? Free transfer or not there is no denying that he will improve our midfield by a huge margin and finally we'll have a proper link midfield-attack and be less predictable.


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May 6, 2012
If a player has no place to go, then yes, you have to pay him so that he agrees to terminate the contract. Otherwise he'll be more than happy to stay in a competitive team with the wages he's being paid.

Nobody gives money away for free man.
That’s when you unilaterally terminate his contract, when you do it by mutual consent you just free him from his contract to negotiate the best wages he can get from other clubs, we did it with Mandzu, Marchisio and Llorente for example


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May 16, 2010
Might be good for rotation and even work well with Ronaldo, but i don't want us to be stuck with another old fart on high wages.
Yep and Dybala, he's good at bringing others into play. Obviously not on lucrative wages and then we get rid.


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Apr 25, 2013
Tonali for 40? C’mon dude. We’ll be lucky if he goes for under 70.

And I doubt we get anything close to those fees for Rabiot and Can, both on high wages and potentially having played hardly at all this entire year (and looking like trash when they have).

I know it’s fun to fantasize, but that’s all this is. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell we sign all three of Pogba, Eriksen, and Tonali this summer.
Who would pay 70 M for Pjanic?
But Real can get a much better player easily.
Look at the post above. Also it's not like we are interested in selling him
Damn. 100m Pjanic not even worth 70m now and Tonali and van de Beek are better? :rofl:


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Sep 1, 2017
PSG offered Eriksen a 12 mill a year contract. Yeah we're not gonna compete
There’s more to football than money.

Maybe Eriksen considers Juve a more prestigious club than PSG, or he considers Italy a better league than France.

Yeah there’s more racism in Serie A, but that won’t affect him. Eriksen is the aryan dream.

Damn. 100m Pjanic not even worth 70m now and Tonali and van de Beek are better? :rofl:
Pjanic will be 30 this summer.

Tonali will be 20, Van de Beek 23.

Age makes a humongous difference. Pjanic is still better than both of those players, he’s just not as valuable in the transfer market.


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Sep 1, 2017
We should revamp our entire midfield.

Khedira (finished)
Matuidi (almost finished)
Can (mediocre)
Berna (mediocre)


Eriksen and Kulu can rotate as trequartista
Tonali can rotate with Pjanic as regista
Bentancur, Rabiot, Traore and Ramsey can rotate as B2B midfielders
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