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Apr 22, 2003
Okay I know we've already got a thread for general WE/PES discussion, but the announcement of a new Winning Eleven title definitely deserves its own thread :cool:

Here I'll try to keep you updated on the latest developments in the upcoming addition to the series, and hopefully we can all talk about how awesome it is when we all get our eager hands on a copy :)

Some of the new features being announced:

Official Licensing :extatic:

- All Eridivisie NV Dutch clubs fully licensed
- Some Serie A Italian clubs fully licensed
- Some La Primera Spanish clubs fully licensed
- The Ronaldinho "Flip Flap" feint is in WE8/PES4
- The "La Bona"/"Coup Du Foulard" move is in WE8/PES4 (The cross Ronaldo did in FA Cup Final)
- New stadiums (so far): Rasunda, St James Park, Westfalenstadion, Parc des Princes, Velodrome, De Kuip, Ennio Tardini

Master League

First of all there is more information about the 3 types of Master League , default ML team, Real Team Member and Original Team. We all know the default ML team with players like Vorlander, Huygens etc.

Real Team Member is that you have all the real players from the team you select, so if you select Real Madrid as your ML team and you chose Real Team Member option you will have Raul, Beckham etc directly in your team.

Original Team is the default ML team but with the option to swap three players from your default ML team with three real players.

Also there will be a MVP award for best player of the year in the ML, the player who wins that price gets a bonus so you can upgrade his stats.

Other news is that you can unlock 6 star difficulty in the WE-Shop!

Ball Physics

Balls now bounce and roll differently according to the stadium which the game is being played in. In stadium "A" the ball may only have a small amount of bounce, but in stadium "B" a ball may be seen to bounce more freely. Depending on the weather conditions (Rain for example) this effect is either increased or decreased.

And perhaps most importantly... the current release dates

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 - October 2004
Winning Eleven 8 - August 5th 2004

Here are some screenshots
And some more
These are most definitely pre-rendered cutscene grabs
And finally, some shots from Portugal v England :D


"Almost every aspect of the series' tried-and-tested control system will be refined. There will be additional on-the-ball moves and tricks, as well as improved dribbling, passing, and crossing techniques. The game's free-kick and penalty systems are also being completely revamped, although no specific information is available at this time. Other promised improvements include more-realistic player likenesses, uniforms that get dirty as matches progress, the introduction of onscreen referees and match officials, and additional team formations.

The series' popular master league career mode will also be much improved and will, for the first time, feature career-ending injuries that will force players to reorganize their team. An all-new "My Best Eleven" feature will also complement the master league mode, allowing players to save the greatest teams they manage to assemble and, presumably, pit them against those of their friends.


"Football fans all across Europe will rejoice this Autumn, as Konami of Europe confirms the first details of what will rate as one of the most anticipated games of 2004: Pro Evolution Soccer 4. Due for release on PlayStation 2, PC DVD and for the first time in the series’ history, the Xbox™ videogame system from Microsoft, Pro Evolution Soccer 4 once again sets new standards in control, aesthetics and realism.

Developed by the legendary Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka and his team of footballing experts at Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc. (Konami TYO) Pro Evolution Soccer 4 marks a quantum leap forward for both the Pro Evolution franchise and the football genre as a whole. With the series famed for its intuitive controls and the realistic movement of players on and around the ball, Konami TYO has further pushed the envelope with a wealth of new moves and tricks that flow fluidly within the fast-paced action. New free kick and penalty techniques can now be used, while an innovative indirect free kick move has been implemented to add further variety to set pieces.

This level of realism has also been extended to the game’s many players. More individuality can now be found in the ways players run, move both on and off the ball, and how they control the ball. Likewise, even more advanced player stats that govern every aspect of their play affect how well players can bring a high or fast ball under control, hit it first time past an encroaching defender, or flick the ball on to a team-mate. As such, the total control that has become synonymous with the series will ensure Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is even closer to the real thing.

A new dribbling system is also available giving more control as players go one-on-one and try to pass opposing players, while crosses and cut-back passes can now be made with more precision. In keeping with this level of detail, player likenesses are also enhanced to match the noticeable individuality of the world’s greatest stars. Both international and club players are instantly recognisable due to almost photo-realistic graphics, while additional realism is added via kits that get progressively dirtier as the match progresses.

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 will also boast an on-screen referee for the first time. Whereas previous versions have featured an un-seen referee, Konami TYO’s game now features an official who runs up and down monitoring play – and even steps in to calm things down when the action gets heated! The referee AI has also been further refined, with advantage being played for minor infringements, while each of the referees available will react instinctively to fouls and the flow of play depending on how strict they are deemed to be.

With every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 refined and enhanced, it is no surprise that fans of the series are already hailing it as the definitive football title. Further additions to the game include more club and international teams, extra formation screens to offer total control over the way each team lines up and plays, while the ever-popular Master League has also been vastly improved. A new ‘My Best Eleven’ option allows fans to save their greatest teams for prosperity, and players can now be forced to retire through severe injury during the course of a Master League season, forcing the user to work around the loss of key stars and restructure around the abilities of suitable replacement players.

It all adds up to a new milestone in football gaming, and football fans will already be counting the days until Pro Evolution Soccer 4 kicks off for PlayStation 2, PC DVD and Xbox later this year."

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Jul 12, 2002
Ah, this isn't good. I bought a PS2 recently (today actually) and was planning to buy PES3. Now, I don't know. With it coming in October, at the time I'll be very busy and might not get to play a lot.

Argh, what to do...


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Jan 11, 2003
I have constantly been playing PES 3 from the day it was released.

Brilliant game. I just hope that PES 3/WE8 will have realistic money system, aswell as more weather conditions, like snow.

Gray, when WE8 is released in august, is it the PS, XBOX or PC version?


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Jan 11, 2003
yeee its pes4, but i dont think i can manage the waiting time, so i will probably "import" it.

Ye iknow "geek"


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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by nosubstitute959 ] ++
I have yet to conquer WE fact it's kicking my a$$ at 3 stars. :D
I offer Winning Eleven tutoring throughout Louisiana for $10 an hour (not including transportation) :D

I'm also thinking of opining a WSWE-1001 course at LSU for next fall.. if i get enough interest of course. :D


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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by nosubstitute959 ] ++
Was that really out for PSone......I'd like to get my hands on Captain Majed. :D
Captain Majed 2 was on "Family Game (Al-3a2lah),"/ NES
Super Soccer was on SNES.


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Mar 26, 2003
Could someone explain to me what the difference is between Winning Eleven and Pro Evolution Soccer. And what's that other one you guys play? Championship Manager? I only know the FIFAs, but if someone can explain to me the various different versions of these soccer games and what platforms they are available for it would be appreciated...
Jan 7, 2004
well let me help you.

Winning Eleven and Pro Evolution soccer are the same thing. they are the same as fifa and they better esspecially for playing with other people since the gameplay is much much much much (you get the idea) then fifa but the teams and leagues are very limited.

now Championship Manager is completely a different thing. in there you are the manager of your team in controll of everything and based on you tactics and transfers you have create your team and see how they play.
Jul 19, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Majed ] ++

Captain Majed 2 was on "Family Game (Al-3a2lah),"/ NES
Super Soccer was on SNES.
I recognize that name, but I never had one. I only had Sega, N64, and PSone.....then I vowed not to buy anymore games. :D How can I even afford it with these ridiculouosly overpriced textbooks!! :fero:

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