Will Trézéguet leave in 2005? (1 Viewer)

Will Trézéguet leave in 2005?

  • Yes, there's a good chance he will

  • No, he will stay on

  • Impossible to guess at this time

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Aug 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Alex Del Piero ] ++
...Our board does well for Di Vaio, in case if Trez really requests to leave next season, what a good move :D
Are you saying you prefer Di Vaio than Trez? Trez is better and much more consistent than Marco. We should keep him, also because he's still young.

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Jul 13, 2002
Imo juve have a great policy in this field ,and always there were
some even great player who juve have a economic view about them and trez is one of them.

buying trez only for 10 M pound and selling him for more than
50 M.

although sometimes i cannot face with this matter that our greats are going soon.

but there's some expections like delpiero ,they may never sell him and it's even a policy.

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