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Dec 31, 2000
I picked up this piece on a linux forum, kinda neat. :D


The Linux kernel is the vanilla ice cream. It's a stable, tasty base from which to build a simple, elegant sundae, or a huge mountain of a sundae.

When you go to the ice cream store to get a sundae, you could get a banana split. You say, "I'd like a banana split" and the person would come back with a delicious creation chock full of bananas, ice cream, chocolate syrup, nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry. Many people like banana splits ready-made like this. It's been tested as scrumptious by others, and you are enjoying their efforts to make a single, tasty treat.

However, true ice cream sundae fanatics will want to choose the toppings. Some will even want to choose the order in which they are applied and the precise amount. Some will want no nuts, tons of syrup, and five cherries. Others might want only caramel, nuts, and chocolate syrup. Some will only use Hershey's syrup, while others will only use Nestle. Either way, they are getting the sundae that they asked for. There is no guarantee that it will taste good, but they feel brave and like choices. They like feeling in control of the sundae making process.

So you see kids, pre-made sundaes go well for most people. They get a decent combo of everything. The rest of us want full control over our frozen delicacies. IT may not be pretty,b ut it satifies our needs exactly. The beauty is that for each individual, the sundae they choose makes them happy.

It's the ability to choose that makes most Linux users happy. To not be locked into certain ways of making sundaes adds to the variety and satisfaction they enjoy with every spoonful.

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