Who do you want to become our next coach? (1 Viewer)

Who do you want as new coach?

  • Cesare Prandelli (AC Parma)

  • Luigi DelNeri (Chievo Verona)

  • José Mourinho (FC Porto)

  • Didier Deschamps (AS Monaco)

  • Claudio Ranieri (Chelsea FC)

  • Someone else; ... (please post your favourite)

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Jul 17, 2002
Didier Deschamps fow sho!

Cesare Prandelli (AC Parma) My 3rd choice. (though he has impressed me, I admit I havn't seen enough of his games to make a decent argument..but looking at his track record, i dont see anything special)

Luigi DelNeri (Chievo Verona) 2nd choice..very solid.. even attack minded, and he's a good motivator, but can he be just as good with star players?!?!

José Mourinho (FC Porto) I'm not too impressed with the way Porto play. he would be my second choice, but i doubt juve would go for a foreign coach.

Claudio Ranieri (Chelsea FC) Too defensive...

Vialli: No successful record.. not been coaching for a while.


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Jul 28, 2002
DD..and defo not the overated mourinho, and noway vialli until he gets a more successfull record.


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Mar 28, 2004
Cesar Prandelli is the right one. As Deschamps, he is an ex-juveplayer and both have win scudettos with the team.

But Prandelli has in is favor two strong points:

already his coaching in serie A;

and he is very good at work with young players, you can see it in Parma. He is the right man for re foundation of a first class team with a generation of players that can be in charge for the next seven or eight years.....

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