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Nov 1, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Buffonisgod ] ++
Champions League or Serie A?

A year ago, I would have said 100% Champs League, since we had just won Serie A. Now that Milan have the Scudetto, I am about 65% in favor of Champions League since we came so close in 2003, and haven't won it since 1996.

Y don't we just win all available trophies?
I'd prefer that.


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Apr 3, 2003
what else...???


not for me though.
i can wait few more years for the CL just to take the 3rd star....

but i want us to win it THIS year for PAVEL.


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Nov 2, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Alexi-10 ] ++
Heaps more money for the Champions League and you get to be named the best in Europe, which is by far a greater honour than to be named the best in Italy.
thats the same :D
Aug 26, 2003
Emo believes in Euro glory Wednesday 24 November, 2004


Juventus ace Emerson is confident that his club can win the Champions’ League this season.

The Brazilian made the statement after his side maintained their 100 per cent record with a fifth consecutive 1-0 win.

"It is difficult to say who is the strongest team in Europe right now," he said following the victory over Ajax last night.

"Barcelona are probably the side that are impressing me the most but they are different to us.

"We defend very well, while Barcelona are more spectacular than us when going forward.

"I think our defensive strength is more of an advantage though and that is why we could end up winning this."

Although Juventus may not be an entertaining attacking outfit, striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to impress.

"I’m satisfied with my performance against my old club," said the Swedish international. "I’m happy with my progress.

"My partnership with Marcelo Zalayeta? He is getting better all of the time and I’m happy to play alongside him."


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Jun 25, 2004
well for me it has to be the champion league after we lost on penalties to milan. im still recovering from that but winning the champ league would be great for a player like pavel he deserves it and wants it so badly.

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