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Jul 30, 2004
The Cl!!!!We must take that.It's not good for a player like nedved tot to take a cl in his career.

I want the treble but i think that's impossible


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Sep 8, 2004
I would rather see them win the Scudetto since the league games are played every single week of the season which means that if you're not winning in Serie A you have to go through hell every week when not seeing Juve on top of the table, not ot mention the pain of loosing the title in the final round like we did a couple of seasons ago. I tell you, that hurt a lot more than loosing the CL final to Milan last year.

I also think that Juve should focus on getting that third star since it, if i remember it correctly, was one of Gianni Agnielli's biggest dreams to see three stars on the Juve jersey.

king Ale

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Oct 28, 2004
because of alex and pavel...i'll go for CL...
but as capello said:always at the first days of the season start,i think i want CL,but during the season i think i even want to miss CL and win scudetti...and it just because of the FANS and their endless desire for win the SCUDETTO.


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Oct 13, 2004
Heaps more money for the Champions League and you get to be named the best in Europe, which is by far a greater honour than to be named the best in Italy.


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Apr 22, 2003
well I was talking about the treble, which I guess is a little better than not winning anything ;)

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