Which part of the World are YOU from? (1 Viewer)

Which part of the World are YOU from?

  • Africa

  • Antarctica

  • Asia

  • Central America

  • Europe

  • North America

  • Oceania

  • South America

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Juventus FC - Philippines
Dec 20, 2002
Hey guys, I was just pondering on the thought of Juve having so many supporters around the globe. And I began to wonder where all of you guys are from.

Juve is in Italy, but despite that, they still have so many supporters worldwide.

I am from Asia. Where else in the world do we have Juventus supporters?

If any of the moderators read this, is it possible to have a poll?

Which part of the WORLD are YOU from?

a) Europe
b) Asia
c) United States
d) South America
e) Australia
f) Africa

This would be just great? Can we start this?

Add one for Asia for me. =D

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