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Dec 24, 2014
My father was an Inter fan at the time. Six year old me wanted to challenge his authority maybe? Instant love with the Bianconeri since then. :heart:


Dec 17, 2007
My dad and Nonno as well as most of my family in Italy supported Juve

Dont remember ever making a decision about it really, just happened and then of course Del Piero


Mar 30, 2003
Watching Del Piero on Channel 4. The beautiful jersey and the coolness of our players. We looked stronger and more classy than other teams. Even the name Juventus seemed so cool to me. These are my earliest memorys.


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Jul 26, 2007
Edgar Davids for me. I still wonder what he did prior to him leaving. Also Del Piero, my first footie shirt was his WC2002 shirt.
Nov 25, 2005
Total coincidence: Zidane was the name I heard the most back in 2000. So my mom took me to buy a France jersey with Zidane.
But the guy said that they're out of Zidane jerseys and offered Azzurri Del Piero #10 shirt instead, I thought it looked gorgeous and that Del Piero was the coolest name I've ever heard. Later I found out that full name is Alessandro Del Piero and it sounded even better.
Then Euro 2000 started, I was determined to watch this guy in action... so it's Italy vs Turkey, got disappointed that this Del Piero guy didn't start, so I wait maybe he comes on later... and comes on he does. First touch? A freekick from 40 meters, he hits the cross bar... I'm like this guy is a magician. Now this was my first ever real football following experience, and the team I support out of pure coincidence makes it to the final... and we all remember how it went, and that pain made me love DP even more because of his failure that night too, we bonded basically...
then came Juventus obviously because I knew I would follow this awesome player where ever he played. And Juventus is a thing of beauty itself too. You have to remember there isn't much internet back then where you just look up everything and get instant gratification, it was all gradual and this club passed all my tests: the name, the freakin gorgeous colors, the players, the history... everything.

PS Funny thing is if the store wasn't out of Zidane jerseys I would probably still be Juventino for obvious reasons :D


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Sep 16, 2003
4th generation

My mom and uncle are Juventini

My Grand mother was a Juventina

My great grand father and grand mother were Juventini

My family has been supporting this club for 80 years.

And now my son and nephew are the 5th generation


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Jun 25, 2003
I became a fan because of Baggio, but the period just after Baggio with our three successive CL finals and Del Piero playing incredibly well really solidified it.

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