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Jun 2, 2003
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    Liverpool target Djibril Cisse has given the strongest indication yet that he is ready to quit Auxerre and join the Reds, by claiming that he dreams of joining Gerard Houllier's side.

    In a tough-talking interview with France Football magazine, Cisse pleaded for a move away from the French Cup winners, despite assurances from club president Jean-Claude Hamel that the striker would be going nowhere.

    "I dream to join this club now. Everyone needs to know that.

    "I am strong enough to leave, I want to go and see in England what happens. In life you have to take risks and I know at Liverpool they want me. If I don't join them now I will be disappointed." said the jet-heeled Frenchman

    Cisse added that he would prefer a move to Anfield as opposed to Marseille, who are also strongly rumoured to be interested in capturing his signature, although he wouldn't rule out a switch to the Stade Velodrome later on in his career.

    "L'OM (Marseille) is still in my heart, but England and Liverpool are too attractive," he said. "L'OM will be a little later, I hope so, if they still want me in some years time."

    Cisse believes that a move away from the Stade Abbe-Deschamps, would greatly assist his development and that the time is now right to seek new pastures.

    "I have been at Auxerre for seven years now. Today if the door can be opened, if everyone can take advantage, I think the time has come to go and see someone else," said the French international.

    "I am 22 years old and it is essential for my evolution. Now that the season is over with Auxerre, it is not a secret anymore, I can openly say it - I wish to leave.

    "The officials and the coach know my desire and point of view. I want to improve and that means according to me, joining a foreign club," he said.

    Cisse has also appealed to the officials at Auxerre to understand his position and his need to experience new challenges by moving to Anfield.

    "I don't want any trial of strength, but I want them to understand my state of mind, and if the coach remains in his position I will stay at AJA (Auxerre). It's my energy. I want to taste another football and my officials have to understand me. That kind of challenge represents a deep need, " said Cisse.


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    Jul 28, 2002
    but no sense in beard design or hair style lol

    well he'll fit in at liverpool, they used to have the blond bombshell of abel xavier.

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