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Feb 9, 2013
Gonna meet up with her this weeked. All of a sudden she went like "well it's going nice, if it keeps this way, then we can even have sex". Like... sure. Then I noticed she's a kinky fuck.
Yeah, she's definitely gonna get you all tied up and then whip out a strap-on. You're in trouble, dude. Run far away.

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WTF! How do you even think these things
The world is full of dangers. One needs to stay vigilant :p


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Sep 3, 2018

Run for your life!

Nah she's quite skinny, good looking. Pretty face.

But she's into herbs and magic so it got me creeps :lol2:
I imagine her like that:


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Jul 12, 2011
You're teaching First Nations kids right? They're probably all high on meth already
That's not nice, the oldest kids I teach are 13 at most.

There are some that are sometimes completely exhausted because they couldn't sleep the previous night due to their drunk parents.

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