'what are you currently listening to' Part 2 (4 Viewers)

Jan 15, 2015
Italian music publisher Diabelli made a competion and invited composers to write variations to his 32 bar waltz. Many famous composers participated, Beethoven called everyone a retard and the theme stupid and worthless. Then locked himself in and spent 1 year composing 33 variations to this, most of which are mocking other composers' styles. What a troll :lol:


Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
Hang on. Run The Jewels dropped something new? Oh boy.

Oh, and Childsih Gambino :delpiero: My god.

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Actor, Comedian, Rapper, Singer, TV Director, Script Writer, music producer, TV series Creator.

I mean, what the fuck :lol:

He's dopeness incarnate basically. Effortless with him to have this sense of vibe and creative flexible sound.

@Mohad @Fr3sh @DutchJuventino proper friday nigh tune, even in these hermit times :D


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