WC 2006: Group D (2 Viewers)

Which two teams will go through?

  • Mexico

  • Iran

  • Angola

  • Portugal

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Superior Being
Jul 12, 2002
I will be shocked if Angola do not come last. Iran may just upset the other 2 faves. Mexico will play pretty football as usual but will lack bite as usual. Portugal and Angola should be tasty though
May 27, 2006
iran arent bad, bud mexico and portugal just have the pressure of doing better than what they have done so far this year (and portugal since eurocup 2004). and as seen with argentina pressure can be good


Sabet is a nasty virgin
Oct 2, 2001
king Ale said:
thanks mate...the same for the US NT.I like many of the American players and I'm sure they will impress this world cup unless another Hugh Dallas stop 'em :D

unfortunately he isn't retired yet :wallbang:
what about Khodada azizi? he has a funny name :D

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