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Jul 12, 2002

Seedorf reveals Cuper clashes Monday 2 September, 2002


Ronaldo was not the only player to clash with Hector Cuper as Clarence Seedorf also reveals personality problems within the Inter camp.

“I am sorry that Ronaldo left Inter because Italian football has lost a great champion,” explained the Dutchman. “I understand the fans are upset, but they should not become angry. They will understand in time.”

Seedorf also walked out on the Nerazzurri this summer and confirmed the cause was their Argentine Coach.

“I left the club because, as everyone knows, I did not get on with Cuper,” confessed the Milan midfielder.

There were even suggestions in the Italian press that Ronaldo had insisted on leaving Inter because his wife Milene was having an affair with teammate Seedorf.

“I want to consider those things that were written to be a joke in rather poor taste,” he added. “It’s best not to react, but it is time to stop such absurd reports.”

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Jul 23, 2002
it wouldn't surpirse me
Milena isn't exactly miss INterligence

but why not just dump
her instead of going away from Seedorf

NExt thing you know she is going to be polishing Figo's,,,,,,,,,
ehhh boots :angel:


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Dec 31, 2000
++ [ originally posted by Stripper ] ++
Well Mr Martin do u know that jugovic is a ex-"juvetini" or do u lack a sense of humor?
Presumably that was a non-aggressive "joke". Yours clearly was not.


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Jan 12, 2002
SoccerAge.com sister site Rete.it has once again been able to contact Ronaldo's agent Rodrigo Paiva, who confirmed to us that Hector Cuper is the main reason that Real Madrid's fresh superstar decided to leave Inter.

"The main reason is Cuper. Ronaldo didn't feel his coach's support anymore," said Paiva.

"He originally didn't want to leave Inter. He wasn't happy because he felt insecure at Inter. And therefore, right when the championship ended, he spoke to Martins and asked him to help him leave Inter," added Paiva.

Paiva also confirmed to us that Ronaldo will tell his side of the story "very soon."

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