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Jul 12, 2002
Okay I am not going to include goal keepers (sorry Ian) as I just cannot compare them to outfield players

1 Zidane
2 Platini
3 Cruyff
4 Beckenbauer
5 Best
6 Van Basten
7 Eusebio
8 Baresi
9 Mattheus
10 Puskas
11 Maldini
12 Charles
13 Scirea
14 Suarez
15 Laudrup M
16 Hagi
17 Scifo
18 Moore
19 Charlton
20 Baggio
21 Sammer
22 Soichkov
23 Muller G
24 Rossi
25 Gullitt
26 Conti
27 Boniek
28 Keegan
29 Stoikovic
30 Rummenigge
31 Schuster
32 Tigana
33 Blokhin
34 Krol
35 Neeskens
36 Giresse
37 Rijkaard
38 Deyna
39 Dalglish
40 Law
41 Cantona
42 Butragueno
43 Klinsmann
44 Allofs
45 Papin
46 Voeller
47 Resenbrink
48 Brady
49 Michel
50 Lato

Never had the priviledge of seeing guys like Boniperti, Riveria,Fontaine Gento, Kopa Seeler and so many more in action so unfortunately could not include them as they probably edge out quite a few

Some never fulfilled their huge potential as they would definitely have got in like Paulo Futre , Paul Gascoigne and Martin Vasquez to name a few

Zz finest player I have seen bar Maradona

Van Basten most complete centre forward

Baresi best defender

Tigana best ever "water carrier"

Of the current crop of players the ones that might seep thru my list are Raul, Figo, Dp and Sheva

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Dec 27, 2003
Interesting list, Denco.

Im surprised to see Scifo ranked so high, for I think the greatest Belgian ever has to be Paul Van Himst. Jan Ceulemans was good too.

I also note you did not include Breitner, who has won everything there is to win with Bayern and West Germany and who I think is the only player with Pélé to have scored in two different WC finals, although they both were penos.

Deyna is one of the illustrious names I omitted, and you are right to put him before Lato. The same goes for Tigana, Giresse, Krol.

Michel was one fine player who deserves to be there too.

I loved Martin Vasquez at Real, but it's indeed too bad that he failed to make a name for himself with Torino.

I realize it's almost impossible to draw a perfect list though, as new names keep popping up in my head (Liedholm, Overath, Koeman, Lineker, Tardelli...).


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Jul 23, 2002
Kaiser I like your list:cool:

I think Zidane being NO 1 is because of this decade our decade he is the best and the player that will be regarded and looked back on as NO 1 10 years from now.

If Id have to pick one player from the 90's to now it would be him just like 80s id pick Maradona.


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Jul 12, 2002
Yes Kaiser, youre probably right about Scifo been a tad too high on my list but he definetly was a talented boy and if he played for Italy like he should have, i am in no doubt Italy would have won the wc in 90

Didn't pick Di Stephano cos to me he is Argentine and indeed played for them

I have no idea how Mazzola played so didnt pick him either

Then i go and remember players like Nyilasi of Hungary, Chivaldze,(if thats how to spell his name) the Russian captain in 82 , Souness, Bonhof, Overath, Littbarski(criminal to omit him), Cabrini, Kaltz(i ought to be caned for not remembering him), Greaves, Panenka, Krankl, Nehoda, Schacnner(spelling)of Austria, Simonssen of Denmark
Dec 27, 2003
Scifo was the best player of WC 1990 with Matthaus imo. As I recall he did want to remain Italian at first, but the Belgian FA pressed him to take Belgian citizenship.

Imagine our line-up with him in the squad, though :

Zenga - Bergomi, Ferri, Baresi, Maldini - Donadoni, Ancelotti, Scifo, Giannini - Baggio, Schillaci.

Simply irresistible.

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