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Apr 14, 2013
4 teams relegated, more matches for teams, sounds like 4 groups of 8 teams and then a QF/SF. I like that. It means you get more CL games in the group stage alone than if you were to reach the final in current format. Now for this to work the top european leagues would have to get smaller, otherwise we are looking at a minimum of 53 matches for italian clubs, and that is if you exit every comp. in the 1st stage. A 16 teams Serie A/La Liga/EPL/BL/Ligue1 would make most sense then.

The ones that lose out on this are probably east european teams, except for Zenit and Shakhtar, maybe Olympiacos and Galatasaray


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Jul 14, 2006
UEFA should create a competition for the best clubs in Europe, an Elite League, if you will. Consisting of top 2 teams from the best leagues in Europe. Fuck that shit if 4th team from Italy can play in the CL and win it. [AC Milan - 2003]


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Mar 6, 2018
FIFA and the six confederations (UEFA, AFC, CAF, Concacaf, CONMEBOL and OFC) have signed a declaration saying that the creation of a European Super League would not be recognised.

Thank God!

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Dec 22, 2018
What are FIFA or UEFA going to do about it?
If they ban all top clubs and players from their competitions, who’s going to win the World Cup? Luxembourg?
Or the UCL? Stoke city?


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Jun 20, 2018
Clubs have power, not these associations
I comed here just to post this.
They are acting like they got power when in fact it's the clubs that hold all of it.
When Portugal is going to pay Cr7 30 million then FIFA can talk.
Clubs are actually doing Fifa a favor by allowing players to compete in it's competitions.


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Jan 15, 2015
These associations are literally impotent

Without clubs and players they are reduced to nothing and can be replaced easily by anything the clubs want


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Dec 31, 2002
I hope there will be a super league soon.
I know about Fifa threats but come on - threats of playing a WC without all the top teams is like having no WC so their threat is useless.

a super league will make the league interesting and will involve more money which means teams could strengthen easily.

I just dont understand if it means teams dropping out from their own league or is it in addition to it.
If its a drop-out - We might finally get some great players cheaper as Italian teams will not consider us as rivals since there is no rivalry as we are not in the same league.
If its in addition to it - It would be great for football fans but still problematic in getting players from Italy

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