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Aug 1, 2003
I don't think anyone started this thread yet but here goes nothing

Depor must clear high hurdle
Thursday, 29 January 2004
By Andy Hall

Little over a decade ago, RC Deportivo La Coruña were not even a top-flight club. Now they are not only resident in the upper reaches of the Primera División, but also enjoying a fourth consecutive year in the UEFA Champions League. Brazilian midfield player Mauro Silva has been central to that rise, and this month committed himself to another season at the club - which will be his 13th in all.

Juve rematch
However, Deportivo are yet to progress beyond the last eight of the competition, and even to reach that stage this season they must beat 2002/03 finalists Juventus FC. Mauro Silva played both of Deportivo's second group stage games against Juventus last term - a home draw and away defeat - as the Galician side were eliminated and the Italian champions advanced in an exact reverse of what happened between them in the 2001/02 Champions League. Unsurprisingly, he knows his team face a formidable hurdle.

Praise for opponents
"I think they are one of the strongest, most experienced teams in the competition," Mauro Silva told uefa.com. "Furthermore, they are a very physical side who always make the most of their style of play - even when they are not at their best, Juve are capable of beating anyone."

Dangerous without Davids
Even the loss of Edgar Davids to FC Barcelona will not weaken Juventus, according to the 36-year-old. "Davids gave them strength in the centre of the field and an edge in attack but they are a very strong team and I am sure they will be just as dangerous without him," he said.

Formidable forwards
Juventus's attack is especially hard to stop, Mauro Silva admitted. "There is no recipe for stopping players of the calibre of [Alessandro] Del Piero and [Marco] Di Vaio. The only thing we can do is to be extra attentive over the whole 90 minutes and not give them any room at any point in the game. It is important to make them feel uncomfortable and to make sure they are always well marked, wherever they might be on the pitch."

Italian renaissance
Certainly, Serie A clubs are having a resurgence in UEFA competition, as last season proved, and Mauro Silva thinks he knows why. "Italian teams are usually very well organised, defensively well prepared, and if they score first then they can cause you problems. They close the game down and that can be damaging. You have to keep your head and if you get the chance to score first then you have an advantage over them."

Last four chance
If Deportivo take that advantage, maybe this is the year they can reach the last four. "I have always believed Deportivo can make the semi-finals of the Champions League and play a great role in the competition," Mauro Silva said. "Any team like Deportivo, who have won the Spanish league and been in the Champions League for four years, can reach the semis."

Tough competition
On a note of caution, he added: "But just as Depor can be up there, so can Manchester [United FC], [AC] Milan, Real Madrid [CF], FC Bayern (München]. We are talking about a competition that is very closely contested where practically all the teams that have come this far are capable of doing well, even the so-called smaller teams. Any of them can progress. Depor have the ability to play an important role and do well in this year's competition."

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Nov 1, 2003
i cant wait for CL to start again....:extatic:

all the pundit have been saying that this is THE game....other than Bayern-RM. and they say that both teams have 50-50 chance. they also sed that Depor have prob defensively, i mean....that lost to Monaco 8-3 was not a slip-up. good teams dont loose on that big-of-a-margin, no matter how badly u're playing. clearly something is wrong....if only juve knows how to bring that Depor team back....:devil:

lippi shud call didier....:p


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Aug 26, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Primo ] ++
at least there's no makaay this year. phew!

yep ! they have Tristan and Pandiani but Makaay was much more of a threat.

Valeron and Pandiani are the only 2 players that worry me but if Juve can keep them in check, winning won't be a problem.

Its been sort fo a jinx that was finally broken last year with that last gasp effort by Tudor (oh man ! what a game... i had almost given up hope)

This year Juve are much more of an attacking team so i expect them to rip through Depors frail defense on a pretty regular basis. I wish Miccoli gets a run against them... heh... im getting ahead of myself.

anyway i cant wait for the CL to resume !


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Aug 14, 2002
Regardless of Makaay, Tristan or Pandini, it will be very hard to progress with such dreadful defence. Fix the defence, and we have got a chance...

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
Hmmmm, its gonna be a tough match but like always Juve will win :D...

U r right that this season there is not Makaay. There r Tristan and Pandiani, but Makaay is much more dangerous than they 2 alltogether.

Do u remember the game Monaco 8-3 Deportivo ?

Juve is better team than Monaco, so when Monaco won against Depor, what do u except from Juve ??? Higher result than Juve 7-0 Olympiacos. :D:D:D


Dec 16, 2003
well even if makaay would b with them , am not afraid , and btw i think tristan is better then makaay ...GO BLACK N WHITE !


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Jul 16, 2002
No crisis ???

No defenders bought in the transfer window ???

NO CHANCE !!!!!!!

Depor 6 Juve 3 (on aggregate)


Juventus FC - Philippines
Dec 20, 2002
Well, i think both defenses are frail so we should see a very entertaining match. Depor got ripped apart by Monaco and Juve's isn't as impressive either.

We should see the 2 legs finish at a high-scoring game. With Juve finishing with more goals as we've got such better quality up-front that Depor.


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Jan 31, 2003
well, they will be without their main defender due to him playing africa for his country i think. so this could be good news if its correct.

valeron, tristian and pandiani could do us a lot of harm. i mean, Rocchi tore us apart, these guys should rip a new hole in montero and iuliano's arse literally!

i just hope that Legrottaglie can recover from his naggling injury which apparently he has been playing with for quite some time.

i dont see us going through though...honestly, depor has a better chance of not conceeding than we do, and in two legs, it'll benefit them.


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Nov 1, 2003
dont forget luque.....i've been watching depor match for a few weeks, he's their unsung hero sometimes

i think we have a chance.....since we've turned into attacking team seemingly overnite :p
Aug 1, 2003
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    this sucks. no matter what, we will always struggle against depor. that stroke with tudor was a lucky getaway.

    it's time to end that hateful tradition of struggling against the riazor side.

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