Trofeo Valle d'Aosta: Juventus-Reggina (1 Viewer)


Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
Jejeje this trophy is really weird!

Why they doa trophy for ths match.

Its not enough to say that is a friendly match and thats all?

dont waste metal dudes.


Prediction Game Champ 2003 & 2005
Jan 12, 2002
Yes Zizou, tomorrow (Sunday) ..

I'm not sure what players Lippi will use (starters/reserves) or whether he intends to get the players to play a full 90-minute match or choose to play different teams for each half (45 minutes only) ..

The Tim Cup is on Tuesday (two days) and it involves Inter and Milan too .. so maybe this is just another warm-up match ..

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