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Jul 15, 2002
This is a new footy manager EA sports.

Key Features

34 leagues - including the fully licensed English Premiership, French LFP and German Bundesliga with over 20,000 FIFPro players and more than 25,000 up-and-coming youth and generated players.

Youth Development - By creating youth academy facilities around the world you can sign the best young talent available enhancing the club’s future prospects. Players as young as 9 years old can be signed and developed for the future.

Detailed Training System - An easy to understand and detailed training system enables the manager to customize the training schedule for the entire squad as well as individual players or groups of players. A weekly update about the players’ training results provides the manager with important information on their attitude and physical condition.

Transfer market - The transfer market is the heart of the game! As the manager you participate in exciting and realistic negotiations against tough adversaries from around the world to get the players you wants for your club. This feature includes contract clauses such as bonus payments, releases, “highest paid player”, contract extension options as well as the latest EU transfer regulations.

Tactical Strategy - The Manager can set up tactics that exploit the key weaknesses of the opposing team. Areas of influence include assigning a playmaker, the determination level of the team at certain periods during the game, the shooting distance from the net, counter-attacking play, conduct on and off the ball, and use of the offside trap

3D Match Engine - The spectacular graphics of FIFA’s 3D matchplay engine provides the most realistic gameplay experience of any football management sim. During the match the player can shout orders at his players with the effects visible on the pitch. However, the player has to be careful as each shout includes the risk of the manager being sent to the stands.

Text Mode - A special text mode displays match highlights with background sound effects. This mode describes everything from corner kicks, free kicks and penalties to one-twos and counter-attacks. During the match the manager can substitute players, shout orders or change the tactics of his team. He can also view different information including the match report, player ratings, watch list of players and scores of other matches.

MP3 Player and Talk Radio Link - An integrated MP3 player enables the user to tailor the background music to his own tastes by loading MP3’s stored on his PC. He can also connect to live talk radio to hear the latest football news, match play-by-play or interesting interviews with prominent managers and players.

Extensive Editor - The user has full control over all the data in the game. It is even possible to change complete league structures or to add new countries to the game.

There are 36 playable leagues in TCM 2003, each of them listed under their country below.


Austria T Mobile Bundesliga (licenced with team logos)
Austria Red Zac Erste liga (licenced with team logos)

Belgium Division 1 (full licence, authentic kits and team logos)
Belgium Division 2 (unofficial league)

Denmark Superligaen (licenced with team logos)
Denmark 1st Divsion (unofficial league)

English Premiership (full licence, authentic kits and team logos)

England Division 1 (unofficial league)

England Division 2 (unofficial league)

England Division 3 (unofficial league)

England Conference (unofficial league)


Finland 1 liga (unofficial league)

France Division 1 (full licence, authentic kits and team logos)
France Division 2 (full licence, authentic kits and team logos)

Germany Bundesliga (licenced with team logos)
Germany 2. Bundesliga (licenced with team logos)
Germany Regionalliga Nord (unofficial league)
Germany Regionalliga Sud (unofficial league)

Iceland 1st division (unofficial league)

Ligat Ha'al (licenced with team logos)

Italy Serie A (licenced with team logos)

Netherlands 1st Division (unofficial league)
Netherlands 2nd Division (unofficial league)

Norway Tippeligaen (licenced with team logos)
Norway 1st division (unofficial league)

Poland 1 liga (unofficial league)

Portugal 1 liga (unofficial league)

Scotland Premier League (licenced with team logos)
Scotland Division 1 (unofficial league)

Spain 1st Division (unofficial league)
Spain 2nd Division/ (unofficial league)
Spain 2nd Division/grupo I (unofficial league)
Spain 2nd Division/grupo II (unofficial league)
Spain 2nd Division/grupo III (unofficial league)
Spain 2nd Division/grupo IV (unofficial league)

Sweden Allsvenskan (licenced with team logos)

Switzerland NLA (licenced with team logos)
Switzerland NLB (unofficial league)

Turkey Super Lig (unofficial league)
Turkey 2. Ligi (unofficial league)

screenshots -

U can communicate with players during the half time break and they respond:eek:

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The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
well for a start it takes about 15 minutes to enter your name..cause it asks for all these other stupid details as well

then there's the fact that the whole interface sucks, hard to figure out how the hell to buy anyone, and the matches are pathetic, cause every shot, virtually, goes in the top corner, i.e. like FIFA

then theres the pathetic messages like

"harry kewell has started smoking..the rest of the squad are u wanna ban him from changin room?"


"mark viduka has parked in robbie fowler's parking spot,, robbie fowler loses 5 morale points...."


need I go on?


Senior Member
Oct 3, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Paolo_Montero ] ++

"harry kewell has started smoking..the rest of the squad are u wanna ban him from changin room?"


"mark viduka has parked in robbie fowler's parking spot,, robbie fowler loses 5 morale points...."


need I go on?


New Member
Oct 21, 2002
I heard about this game. Is it really that bad? And I dont think its 6 bucks.
Can I donwload the DEMO?
Let me know.

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