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Jan 12, 2002
Inter = With Ronaldo back-on-track, Inter may have added strength, but I always think they are missing that extra bit to win the title.

Lazio = They will weaken their already depleted squad. 'Nough said.

Milan = They will get to a fresh start after their terrible season, and I think they will have a say in this season's finale.

Roma = My vote. They are always strong and solid, specially if they get Davids.

But ofcourse, we all know who will win it at the end :devil:


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Jul 12, 2002
I would have to say Inter, esp. if they get Nesta and Ronaldo can stay healthy (of course thats a big if). They could have had it last year so I don't see why this year will be any different (meaning the choke again :D)

I think Milans best chance is because they have the Serie A President on thier side now, Roma is always difficult and I don't think Lazio will offer much of a threat this year.

BTW Martin, feel free to resore my post count when you have a free moment :)


I must agree with DPF on Galliani topic.

Otherwise I think that Milan will be on top of the top this year, of course if Sheva gets back on track. With Serginho, Pirlo, Thomasson and co. they'll have quite a bit of creativity and anything but success will be disappointing.


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Jul 12, 2002
Inter=Ronaldo +vieri will be a potent striking force,but expect them to drop off somewhere halfway.
Milan=Sheva will make a comeback this year,i expect.but the rest will run out of steam,and end up 4-6th place together with inter.
Lazio=expect them to blow hot and cold all season.
Roma=they'll be breathing down our necks,that's for sure.thing about them is,even without key players totti or batigol,they can still pose a threat.

but as they say,slow and steady wins the race,so all ya crap clubs,step aside for the old lady!


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Jul 12, 2002
Inter- Our biggest rivals for this season (with AC Milan) but that will enough for 2-3 place

Milan-they made some smart buys this season and they will be back in fight for Champions.

Lazio- Like last year Parma

Roma- Like Dpforever said strong and solid


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Dec 31, 2000
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    ++ [ originally posted by [DJ Juve] ] ++
    i say roma, simply because they're always second to Juve in my CM game
    That's because CM made Roma insanely strong after they won the league :yuck:

    We'll just see whether Juve is that much favored in the next release... :fero:


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    Jul 12, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Kiran ] ++
    I just love it when Lazio aren't consider the favourites........then they will end up winning it

    am.....when they won it three years ago, did they have an all star team?? no!!!!!

    the less stars, the better team.........look at chievo....

    forza lazio
    That I agree with. Kiran, is your name Indian because a friend of mine told me that her name - Kiran - was originally Indian. Inter are really strong favourites, huh ?? Inter only did well last season because they started without any pressure, and as soon as the temperatures sarted to rise in the challenge last year they started sttutering. Inter can't bear the pressure: players, fans, and coach. So, with all the pressure and high expectations surrounding them, they will fail miserably, unlike Lazio.


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    Jul 14, 2002
    I have a feeling the league will be even tighter this year than last year. I can see Juve,Roma,Inter and Milan all in with a chance.

    Inter - If they can keep Ronnie and Vieri fit they should have a very good chance,but really and truly I dont see Inter winning the Scudetto if they don't strengthen up their defence. They've got Coco which should help,but if they can sign Nesta and I can see them going all the way this year.

    Lazio - Nah,not a chance,especially if Nesta and Crespo leave.

    Milan - Watch out for Pirlo-Pippo-Sheva,and they've got Tomasson too. Another top 4 finish for Milan this year.

    Roma - As DPF said earlier,strong and solid. Totti and co. should give Juve a good fight for the Scudetto this year.


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    Dec 31, 2000
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    Just keep in mind that players don't win championships. :) Teams do. ;) The question is whether Cuper will get his things in order (as I think he will) to push Inter for another strong season, regardless of all the stars. Because let's face it, Inter has been packed with stars the past 5 years and haven't won anything domestically.

    A similar task awaits Ancelotti (and may I add I hope he will have more luck this year), his defensive tactics could use a revision in light of embarassing results the past season, esp on the road in Europe.

    And Capello, well I think we all know he is a man to fear!


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    Jul 16, 2002
    Its Milans season this year. No Not Inter, AC Milan will win it this year. They are always competative and always seem to win the scudetto the year before or after Juventus do.

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