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Dec 31, 2000
I don't think it's fair to hate former or current players, because of a simple reason: They play(ed) for Juve, and sure, some of them may not have done well for the team, but i don't think it's fair to hate them for that. Sure, you might be angry that they made mistakes, even big ones...

I feel sorry for those who come here and don't play well, because that's not their fault. Especially players such as Conte, Salas, Trezeguet as mentioned before. Conte was our captain, and he was inspirational. Maybe he's a little old now, but he was good for us, and disliking him is like disliking your grandfather because he's old and can't play with you anymore (weird example but it's all i could think of). Salas has achieved great things with other clubs, he just didn't make it here. He didn't complain or criticise the club...he just had injury problems and couldn't put in good performances. And Trezeguet, how can you hate him when he scores(d) for us so much! I think he's a good player, and if his performances don't please some of you, I guess nothing will.

The same goes for other players who've done nothing wrong but to simply not play that well for us or make mistakes (Baiocco, Fresi, Amoruso, Van Der Sar...though VDS did get nutmegged a little too much for my liking).

That said, I think the only kind of bad feelings I have towards players would be for example Zidane...I just don't understand why he played for us the way he did...and then goes on to be a superstar for France and Real M. Especially the stupid ways he got sent off for us (eg during the CL he head-butted that player while he was on the ground)...

I think I got carried away and I don't know what i'm saying anymore. The bottom line is... give them all a fair go! They're Juve!
Great post, gray! I think you have a bright future on the forum.
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