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Jul 12, 2002
Lets give Thuram a bit of credit, as he is not by trade a right back, he is a central back like we all know, but he has been asked to play on the right because we have a plethora of central defenders and not very good right backs.

But one other thing that ppl ignore which is important is that generally our right hand side is poor, on the left Pessotto, benefits from the fact that Dp likes to drift to the left, Davids also plays in that area and even Nedved likes it , so pessotto can work well with qualitiy players, now on the right who does Thuram have to work with him.

Look at Man united beckham is helped and he does help Neville, while Giigs and Silvestre do on the left, real madrid have Figo and Salgado helping eachother on the right and on the left its Carlos with Solari or Zz.

So when Thuram next hoofs a hopeful ball forward think that he does not really have a quality player in front of him to play with
Aug 21, 2002
Yeah.. i agree with dennis.. errr i mean denco :D
Thuram was OK againts atlanta.. as he was OK too last season imo, but last sunday it was moretti and zenoni that had impressed me most.
It's getting harder now to choose betwen those two in LB pos. IMO moretti is better in defending while zenoni's better in attacking..


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Jan 12, 2002
Juventus started really well this Serie A 2002/2003. Two straight victories against Atalanta and Empoli. Five goals scored by an excellent Del Piero, one by Fresi but also no goal conceded to the opponents. And this is now a common thing for the blackandwhites.

Buffon & Co. haven’t conceded a gol for nearly 700 minutes now, seven and a half games, since last March. Among the secrets of last year’s victory and the great start of this season, there’s the great performance made by the defence. And one of the best players in this area is surely Liliam Thuram.

Thuram‘ve had a great start in defence, but also giving his help for the offence. Without Zambotta but with the actions made by the French and the ones made by Camoranesi, the game on the right side is more and more dangerous.

“Also when I used to play a central defender, I always liked to help the offence - Thuram explained – Now, in this role, I’ve only have to do it more often. I dedicate the 70% of my job to the defence and the 30% to the offence. Till now, everything is going well, so I have to go on like this”.

Defence and more impulse. A philosophy that fits well to Thuram and to all the Italian football. Also in Europe, in these first Cup matches, the Italian teams tried to score with more intensity. “It’s always important to defend well – Lilian confirmed – But you also need to attack and let the champions have the chance to play better. Teams like Juventus must always look for the victory”.

To play trying to win: just like Juventus and Milan have done in this beginning of the Serie A, as we could see, but Thuram asked everyone not to exceed in the enthusiasm: “We’ve just played two matches, too few to judge the situation. Also last year we started winning the first two matches and, before winning the title, we have to pass through some difficulties. For what’s about us, we only have to try to go on like this. If it’s easier with a Del Piero in this conditions? Alessandro started very well but I think the whole team started in an excellent way too.”
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Paolo_Montero ] ++
realistically, with everyone fit and on form, Ferrara will make no more than the bench, since I'm sure Lippi would pick Thuram, Fresi, Iuliano, Tudor, Montero ahead of him in central defence!
Montero and Ferrara is our best central defence pairing. Lippi is unwilling to play Tudor there, and everyone else is inferior to Ferrara.


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Jul 12, 2002
I agree with Ian, Ciro still has a lot to give to our team, and is still a class player with a lot of experience and although he is a bit slower nowadays, he can still mix it with the best of them.


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Jul 12, 2002
ciro is a great worker in the team,second only to davids in that aspect.still a rock and able to hold the fort even in the event of montero's absence imo.


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Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Rickenbacker2 ] ++
Montero and Ferrara is our best central defence pairing. Lippi is unwilling to play Tudor there, and everyone else is inferior to Ferrara.
I think that he would sooner play Tudor there (in a big game) than Ciro
Jul 12, 2002
I doubt that Lippi would put Tudor in for Ferrara, Lippi has shown that he favours Ferrara, and he wants Tudor to play in mid-field.
Aug 28, 2002
Ferrara has been excellent, and I can't see why he should be replaced by tudor. I'm a big fan of tudor, but why change something that isn't broken? In addition to that, I prefer thuram at RB. He has the pace, and isn't afraid to venture forward. He's a typical wingback IMO than a centre back. His stamina and technical skills suits play on the sides whereas our middle is more than sufficiently covered with Ferrara and Montero who are virtually two man mountains. As for moretti, I hope he'll continue to play when Pessotto returns form injury :D


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Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by paulo ] ++
Yeah. Selling him would be a big mistake. After all, there is no better right defender in the world!:thumb::cool:
Possibly getting a little carried away..but he's one of the best when on form

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