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Dec 31, 2000
Dear all,

[Note: if you have subscribed to a thread or forum, the text below does not affect you.]

We've had a bunch of problems with the thread/forum subscriptions lately. It seems that some users have selected to have emails sent to their account whenever a thread they subscribe to is updated. Some of these users are receiving a lot of emails as a result of this, some of which are not being delivered because of full mailboxes. These emails bounce and return to our email server, and this generates a lot of unnecessary email traffic.

Thus I have suspended the subscriptions, all users are now unsubscribed from all threads and all subscription links have been removed. I'm afraid the subscription feature is more of a problem than it ever has been useful and we've faced this exact problem in the past but apparently we weren't successful in eliminating it. Hopefully now it won't be an issue anymore.


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