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May 29, 2006
If anyone noticed my absence, I am proud to announce my return from my two weeks in Italy, spent in Rome and Terracina full of sun, sights and the sea. Now I'm quite up to date, maybe more than before, because I read Tuttosport all the time ;). And even worse, I believed most of what I read...Let's get Meira!!!

Glad to see you guys again, forza Juve!
i hope you enjoyed yourself, buy much juve merchendise??


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Oct 10, 2006
i hope you enjoyed yourself, buy much juve merchendise??
No :oops:,
I was dealing with too much sights and too many kilometres. HAve you ever been in Rome? You have to walk a lot or use the busses (with unaccessible timetables). Maybe I'll order some soon, but this time, 5 days in Rome were not enough to pass by a Juve Corner. Pretty embarassing thing when you think about it, but that's how it went. Not to forget I had four other people with me. Only one of them is actually interested in football but he's clearly not that interested in the Italian kind. :cry:

And yes, I did enjoy my time. I love the country and tried to improve my Italian, which is, tbh, still awful.


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Jun 25, 2004
well for myself. a week sat i am going to italy for a week then coming back on a sunday night and then monday i am going with friends for a massive piss up in dublin :)


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Mar 16, 2004
I'll be on vacation in NY next month. Shopping for shoes, dresses, I can see it now. :D
Nice. Bloomingdales is probably my favorite store there, along with the Diesel store on Lexington Ave as well.

The Prada store in Soho sucks though, but I'm not a fan of that sort of stuff. ;)


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Oct 18, 2005
So I have heard hence the reason I emphasized on the shopping. ;) Greece is actually my dream desitination so maybe next time I'll go there.
greece in nice...if you don't mind putting your shitty paper in a bin next to the toilet! seriously, terribly advanced to invent the toilet, typically greek to make one that does not work:sick:

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