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Apr 17, 2013
Berkane (Morocco) : a policeman prevents a man to commit suicide by killing him. @Cheesio 09-roll-safe.w700.h700.jpg

A police officer prevented a man who wanted to kill himself by throwing himself from the eighth floor of his building in Berkane with a shot that ended his suicide attempt and also his life.
On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, a woman phoned the police station to announce that her neighbor intends to end her life. Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters and police discovered a desperate man, with a knife in his hand, standing on the window of his apartment in Berkane. Firefighters deployed a large ladder, while police was standing behind the door of the apartment to try to bring the man back to his senses. They could not enter the home because the man had reiterated his threat to jump if someone came home. It is then that a police officer in charge of the negotiation, decides that the best way to stop this suicide attempt is to kill him, because if he is dead, He could not trivially commit suicide.
It is recalled that the police officer is currently in custody and will be prosecuted for stupidity and intentional homicide with premeditation.

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